Apply filters in Roster View

When you would like to report on a subgroup of learners (opposed to everyone that has been assigned to the course), you can use Skillo’s custom filtering feature to create a smaller roster of learners. You are able to apply multiple filters at once. You’ll notice that once a filter is applied, it will save until it is deleted or a new set of filters is chosen.

  1. Click on the “Learners” tab on the far left to enter roster view
  2. To begin applying filters, select the “Custom” roster view
  3. Click the “Add Filter” button
  4. Choose the criteria you would like to filter by from the drop down list. Options include:
    1. On User List → (any user list; learn how to create one here)
    2. Status Is → (Not finished yet / Completed all tiles / Marked complete in course)
    3. Start Date → (before / after / exactly) → (any date)
    4. Deadline →  (before / after / exactly) → (any date)
    5. Reports Directly To → (any leader)
    6. All Who Report To → (any leader)
  5. Once the roster displays only your subgroup of learners, click the CSV button on the right of the blue bar to download a report.
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