Leverage User Lists

Skillo's custom filtering capability allows you to quickly segment learners based on criteria such as start date, deadline, and completion status. However, there may also be cases where you want to filter by other factors unique to your organization. Examples could be office location, department, new hire class, etc. You can pre-define these groups of people by creating and adding them to User Lists, that can then be used later when filtering.

Example: Let’s say Company A Management Team is releasing a training to all employees across their three office locations-- Seattle, Chicago, and Detroit. As a leader located in Detroit, you would like to know who at your location has not yet completed this training. If User Lists are created for each location, finding out this information is simple. From the Custom roster view, filter by User List and choose the User List for all Detroit employees. Next, add a filter for those whose Status is “Not Complete”. The roster displayed will be only those employees located in Detroit that still need to complete the training.

Best Practice: User Lists that you create will be available to all instructors in your organization. Choosing meaningful names will make them easier to find and use for yourself and team members.

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