Viewing SCORM Results

To view SCORM results, follow these steps: 

1. Open the tile containing the SCORM package. 

2. Click Show Results in the top-left corner. 

3. Select the desired Group from the first dropdown menu. 

Two reports are available for the whole Group: 

  • Group CSV: Raw dump of data for all students who have accessed the SCORM package.
  • Simple Group CSV: Formatted report displaying most relevant data for each student – lesson/completion status, success status, timestamp, scaled score, max score, raw score.

4. To view a student's individual results, select their name from the second dropdown menu. Once selected, the interface will display select results for that student (if they have accessed the SCORM tile). 

For more detailed results, click Download Individual CSV. This CSV will include a raw dump of all data for the individual student selected in the dropdown.

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