In-person Training

If a portion of your training course takes place in a live setting such as a classroom or webinar, Skillo's in-person training option allows an instructor to log attendance and track completion statistics. And as with any tile, you have the option to set this event as a prerequisite to unlock other tiles within the course – meaning that once a student attends the in-person event, additional course materials will become available. 

1. Begin by clicking the  New Item button. 

2. Select  In-Person Training

3. Rename the tile and set a prerequisite (if needed). Use the Event Details field to communicate relevant information such as time, location, webinar link, etc. (Students will see the event details when they click on the tile.) Save changes when finished. 

4. To record attendance, click on the tile itself and select the appropriate group from the dropdown list. 

NOTE: If this tile was used as a prerequisite, checking a student's name will fulfill the prerequisite. 

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