Set a prerequisite

If you'd like to ensure that your students move through the course materials in a particular order or pass a quiz before unlocking the next module – you can set one tile as a prerequisite for another tile(s). Here's how: 

  1. Locate the tile you'd like to "lock" and click the red edit button.
  2. Select the prerequisite tile from the "Select Prerequisite" dropdown list. 
  3. When students visit a tile that has a prerequisite, they will see a message that instructs them to complete the prerequisite in order to view that tile.

Time Released Content: 

A tile can be set to not be unlocked after completing the prerequisite until after 'x' amount of days.

1. Select the prerequisite from the dropdown menu (following the steps above). 

2. Select whether you want the content to be unlocked immediately or after a certain amount of days. In addition, check or uncheck the box to require a passing score on the prerequisite content.

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